Event parking is available in different University parking lots surrounding the Ritchie Center. Generally, we use parking lots:

ADA parking is available on the north side of the Ritchie Center.

Ritchie Center event hosts have two parking options for their events:

Pre-purchased parking

Our event team will work with you to determine the best parking lot(s) for your event guests and the associated overall cost, which will be included in your event agreement. Parking permits will be provided for your guests, or a parking attendant will help them access the parking lot on the day of the event.

Parking paid by event attendees

Our event team will determine the best parking lot(s) for your event and provide you with information on the per-car costs. A parking attendant will take payment at the parking lot(s) on the day of the event. Cash and credit card payments are accepted at each of our parking lots.

For additional information on event parking, please contact our Assistant Director of Scheduling & Events, Kristina Norton at 303-871-7577 or