Field Spaces

The Ritchie Center offers three fields that play home to the Denver Pioneers men’s and women’s lacrosse and soccer teams, a variety of University and community events, as well as professional and NCAA championship events.

Peter Barton Lacrosse Field and Stadium, CIBER Soccer Field and Stadium, and Diane Wendt Sports Fields are available for sporting event purposes and provide different seating capacity options. All three venues feature lights evening use and provide scoreboard capabilities, concession stand options, and men’s and women’s restrooms located at the fields. The Barton Stadium conference room also provides a meeting or VIP space option in close proximity to the fields.

Our event managers will work with you on the specifics of your event to deliver an exceptional experience for both you and your event attendees.

Peter Barton Lacrosse Field & Stadium

Dedicated in 2005, Peter Barton Lacrosse Field & Stadium is the only dedicated lacrosse field and stadium in the country.

The venue is home to the Denver Pioneers men’s and women’s lacrosse teams and has hosted multiple championship events.

Venue Capacities:

Stadium Seating: 2,000 (with additional standing-room-only and grass seating up to 2,700)

Conference Room: 30

Reception: 50 (with additional deck area for up to 150)


Venue Features:

  • LED video scoreboard
  • 24-channel mixing console and full audio capabilities
  • TV and webcast production capable
  • lighted field
  • regulation NCAA lacrosse field
  • Desso DNA 60 synthetic turf, designed specifically for lacrosse
  • men’s and women’s restrooms
  • Myra’s concessions stands (with alcohol)
  • conference room with observation balcony
  • ticket office

Pioneer Field

Pioneer Field and Stadium was built in 2011 and is a natural grass field with spectator seating of 2,200 available to the east of the field. The complex is home to the Denver Pioneers men’s and women’s soccer, and has hosted multiple soccer teams including the USA Men’s and Women’s National Team, AS Roma and top collegiate programs from around the country.

Venue Capacities:

Soccer: 2,200 (up to 3,500 with grass hill and Barton Lacrosse Stadium deck)

Rugby: 2,200 (up to 3,500 with grass hill and Barton Lacrosse Stadium deck)


Venue Features:

  • Daktronics DA 1001-20 scoreboard; red led digits; wireless capability
  • spectator audio system
  • TV and webcast Production capable
  • 76 x 120 yds natural grass surface
  • Musco lighting that can be set to 50 FC or 100 FC setting
  • World Cup goals and team shelters
  • men’s and women’s restrooms
  • Ritchie Center concessions stands connected to venue (with alcohol)
  • ticket office

Diane Wendt Sports Fields

Diane Wendt Sports Fields opened in 2014 and is a multi-sports complex that consists of 155,000 square feet of synthetic turf. The fields are lined for rugby, soccer and two lacrosse fields. The complex has hosted multiple events ranging from USA Rugby 7’s National Championship to elite level camp programs in a variety of sports.

Venue Capacities:

Soccer: 1,000 (portable bleachers plus standing-room-only)

Lacrosse: 1,000 (portable bleachers plus standing-room-only)

Rugby: 1,000 (portable bleachers plus standing-room-only)


Venue Features:

  • full regulation soccer field (running north to south)
  • full regulation rugby field (running north to south)
  • two modified lacrosse fields (running east to west)
  • Musco lighting system 40 FC
  • in-ground rugby sleeves
  • iDNA 50 synthetic turf
  • men’s and women’s restrooms
  • Myra’s concession stand (with alcohol)
  • fixed and portable scoreboards available



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